TD Bank Credit Card

When you have been searching for the right banking product that can help you with your banking needs as well as reward you, you may need the TD Bank Credit Card. The TD Bank Credit Card is a great offering made by the TD Bank that boasts being able to provide both an incredible rate as well as five times the rewards for at least the first six months of your card issuance. The offering of five times the points is an innovative way that they have thought up seemingly to no go the usual route of bonus points that you would usually see from cards of this type.

What has attracted most people to this card right away is the five times points they can receive within the first six months of the cards life. These points can be gained when just purchasing daily things such as groceries, gasoline, cable, phone and even utility bill payments. We have yet to see any other card that would include utility bill payments in their special promotions. This has truly set the TD Bank Credit Card apart as an awesome product that people want to quickly get their hands on. After your first six months is over, all of your points will go back to the normal one point for each dollar so this is why when you first get your new TD Bank Credit Card it's best to take full advantage and rack up the most points while you can get them multiplied by five. What's even more wonderful with this card is that even though the regular points only gives you a single point per dollar, your points will never expire and there are no limits as to how many points you can obtain. 


The only big drawback of trying to get your hands on the TD Bank Credit Card is that they don't really allow for online applications for it so you would have to either find a local branch to visit or apply by phone. With the option of applying by phone though, you are still well able to apply for your card from no matter where you happen to be in the world at the time. Considering that their roundtrip points start at 25,000 points, if your living expenses charged within your first six months was a minimum of $5,000 you would have already earned their smallest roundtrip airfare package. With the hotel/car rental package starting at 15,000 points, if in the first six months your charges were a minimum of $3,000 you should be ready for at least their beginner package hotel/car rental package deal.

The TD Bank Credit Card could really have a lot of advantages. It appears that the best way to take advantage of it would be to at least maximize those points within the first six months to give yourself a great head start. That way if you aren't planning to take a trip right away after the six month period you can still rack up more points since there is no cap on the amount of points and they will not expire. Besides the packages we have mentioned here, there are well over 400 rewards and prizes that are offered with the TD Bank Credit Card.